About Webhelp

Webhelp thrives on making a difference in the lives of people and businesses. Webhelp brings together passionate, fun-loving people and gives outstanding services, from customer experience, contact centre, payment, enterprise and moderation to software solutions, data analysis and back office support. And, behind every service is a team of expert customer experience people.

Corporate Social Responsibility by Webhelp

Webhelp has hired more than 10 MigraCode graduates for various technical and non-technical projects, creating life-changing opportunities for our students

Webhelp has donated refurbished laptops to MigraCode that students can keep after they graduate from our program

During the Covid19 pandemic, Webhelp offers spaces to MigraCode students to follow the online classes in a safe and quiet study environment

Outside the Covid19 period, Webhelp offers class spaces to use for the class activities and they have also made their large auditorium available for course openings and graduation ceremonies

Examples of hired students

In the meantime, many more graduates have been hired by Webhelp for various technical and non-technical projects in Barcelona. Webhelp has also dedicated itself to hire more graduates in the near-future and we are in direct contact with Webhelp recruiters to find opportunities for our students.

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