Become a web developer

Learn how to become a professional junior web developer through MigraCode. You don’t need a technical background – you just need a (super) high motivation to join. We offer a course both in English and in Spanish, but our materials are always in English.

Studying at Migracode requires effort and time from your side. We offer two weekly classroom activities, Besides those classes, you need to work daily on your homework. Once you are accepted as a student, you will receive the specific schedules. Without a high dedication, you will not be able to finish MigraCode.

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Our course materials are 100% in English, but we teach in English OR Spanish – whatever suits you best.

What will you learn?

Git & The Terminal

In the first week, you will get an introduction to the world of coding, including explanations how to use the terminal, what GitHub is and why you will use it and how to ‘push’ the website you made during the application process.

Module 1:

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of any website and in this module we teach you how to use them well. You will learn how to make responsive, modern websites and it will prepare you for the following modules.

Modules 2-4:

Over nine weeks, we take you from writing your first javascript program all the way to the most modern tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to make website’s interactive and to write excellent, clean code. 

Module 5:

React is a modern framework that makes creating complex website’s in a reusable way very easy. In this module we teach how React works and why it is a great way to make websites.

Module 6:

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. In this module, we teach you how to use Node most effectively.

Module 7:

Databases are essential for any modern web application and are used in many languages. In this module we teach the theory behind databases while also showing the implementation of a database.

Module 8:
Real Life Project

In the last part of our course, you will work in a small team to develop a product. The project is a simulation of how you would have to work in a tech company, and encourages you to combine all the things you have learned during the course.

Module 9:
Soft Skills

Throughout the course, we offer various soft skills trainings to fully prepare you to work in a team inside a tech company. For instance, we offer effective communication trainings, personality trainings and professional writing training sessions.

All details in our open-source curriculum

Check all the details of our course, week by week, in our open-source curriculum on

Course Structure



Evening class on a weekday from 18:00 to 22:00


With support

Up to 20 hours each week, with help from our volunteers



Morning or afternoon class on Saturday of four hours

Read the story of Mouaz from Syria

“The teachers in the course, who work 100% voluntarily, play a big role in helping the students overcome initial challenges, according to Mouaz. “They are always ready to give extra classes and help, all you have to do is ask,” he observes, fully appreciative. “Seeing them teaching us for free, knowing that they could be paid very well giving classes somewhere else, that’s actually the greatest motivation for me.”

Our learning objectives in detail

Technical skills:

  • Lean to understand and use the following coding languages on a medium to advanced level: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS and Databases
  • Learn how to use Git and the Command Line, and also how to use the related GitHub platform
  • Learn how to use project management tools such as Trello, Slack and Cloud Services
  • Learn how to think in algorithms and how to search for solutions

Job-seeking skills:

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and how to benefit most from this platform
  • Learn how to prepare and go through an interview process to get hired by a professional IT company
  • Learn how to create and design a professional CV/Resume

General soft skills:

  • Learn how to work in a team under supervision of a mentor
  • Learn how to communicate effectively through professional communication training
  • Learn how to work with people from different cultures and nationalities
  • Learn how to cope with work-related stress and how to plan ahead
  • Learn how to be proactive in asking things and approaching people

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