An INCO Success Story : Manuel Varela

In an increasingly interconnected and technological world, career paths can become more flexible. Manuel Varela, originally from Venezuela, embarked on a unique journey that led him from medical studies to the realm of IT support. Through determination and with the support of MigraCode, Manuel discovered new opportunities in a sector that had never previously been on his horizon. In this article, we delve into Manuel’s story, exploring his motivations, challenges, and the transformative impact of his journey into the world of technology. 

A new beginning in Barcelona

His journey in tech started last summer, when in August, after having recently moved to Barcelona, he decided to enroll in the IT Support course. This course is offered by MigraCode in collaboration with the Work in Tech program of the INCO Academy.

When asked why he decided to enroll despite having studied medicine, Manuel shared, “I’m always sitting on the computer and I have always been keen about technology and liked courses about technology programming. For this reason, I kept studying and now I am continuing my studies with the course of IT automation with Python.”

Manuel explained that he came to know about MigraCode through the website of the Municipality of Barcelona and he explains that that discovery opened up new avenues for him and launched his journey into the tech industry.

Prior to starting the course, Manuel faced various challenges. 

He elaborated: “I was currently unemployed when I was taking the course. I was studying medicine, but I didn’t actually work while studying. And I worked in the early years of my career. But I stopped working because when you’re advancing in medical school, it takes so much more time because you have to do a lot of hours in the hospital.” 

Unlocking a new career in tech

Reflecting on the impact of the IT Support course, Manuel shared, “the course did help me get the job that I have right now. I think I have had luck finding this job, but I can say that the course that I did, it helped me. There is a module in the course that’s about how to prepare for job interviews and some of the things that are taught are very connected to what I am doing now. I used them in the interview and It actually worked because they wanted me instantly.

Manuel is still balancing medical aspirations with the interest in technology. When asked about his future aspirations, Manuel expressed his desire to work as a doctor. He stated, “To be honest, I would like to work as a doctor. Hopefully I will have my university title in a few months. I graduated in Venezuela but the homologation of my studies to Europe can take months or years and it is a very expensive process. For now, I’m really happy with the current position that I am in. I’m really satisfied and comfortable.

Embracing technology as a complement to medical studies

Manuel highlighted the potential for merging technology and medicine, stating, “One of the cool things about how technology works right now is that you can mix things. You can mix medicine with automation and with tech in general. You can use the knowledge of coding to create new ways to approach medicine and to form data for medical research.”

As Manuel continues his journey, he recognizes the importance of ongoing learning and skill development. He explained his motivation for pursuing the Python course, stating, “It’s like a hobby. In the future, it might help me to get a good job, a better job. It’s like a plus, you know?”

His transition from medical studies to IT support exemplifies a possibility that should be accessible to everyone, but also a great sense of adaptability and capacity for seizing unexpected opportunities. 

Through the INCO Academy IT Support course and the support of MigraCode, Manuel successfully transitioned into a fulfilling career in technology. His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that with determination, an open mind, and the right resources, individuals can chart new courses and thrive in diverse fields. 


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