The backgrounds of our students

Each MigraCode student has her or his own story. And each has faced his or her own challenges to become a web developer and find new opportunities in life. Below you can read some of these stories from a variety of students who come from different countries and backgrounds.


From Syria

I am Rahaf, a woman from Syria. I was always inspired by how technology is changing the world, disrupting industries and igniting social change. Technology is my passion so I can say that being a student at MigraCode is one of the best experiences that I have ever had. It helped me not just empower my career development, but also gave me the framework to utilize my full potential. At MigraCode I met new people from different nationalities. I have met new tutors who taught us a lot of interesting things that will help us building our career in a better way. Coding is my passion and MigraCode helped me to figure out the best way to make it more professional and enjoyable as a life time job.

After I finished my training in MigraCode, I had the opportunity to work at Webhelp. Now I feel that I am so grateful I was hired because Webhelp provides me a pleasant work environment. The managers are really open and relate well with the employees even if they realize someone has some skills that are in need of improvement — they support him/her really effectively with developing these skills by implementing an improvement plan.

Also, I am really lucky to be a member of this team as my team members are so professional, cooperative and always willing to assist when needed. Every day I learn more from them and every day I have more motivation to go to work I am so glad to work there.


From Brazil

I am Gustavo, a 34-year-old guy from Brazil. I have been working here in Barcelona as bike courier for the last three years. It was a great time, and now I probably know almost every neighborhood in the town and being outside riding my bicycle was so nice!

But when my wife got pregnant with our second child, I realized that it was time to build a career and get out of the streets.

“Why not become a tech developer!? Digital Technology is the path for the future!”

Not that easy! I had to take care of my family and pay the bills. After been denied some “regular” bootcamp scholarships, a friend of mine told me about MigraCode.

The first time that I met Vincent, the program director, I felt that it was going to be possible to become a tech developer! Such a nice guy. Besides the awesome technical background,  MigraCode staff offered me a lot of personal support, and that was what made the difference to me to overcome the odds!

What do I like most about coding? I pretend to specialize myself in the backend area mostly! And I am interested in the concept of being behind the “scenes” working on the structural area, and that was my motivation to apply for the technical support specialist role at Webhelp, my first job at my just started tech career!


From Venezuela

I never thought I could find a community I can rely on like MigraCode. At first I thought this was like any other bootcamp, but it goes a lot deeper than that — I could get legal and psychological assistance when things were rough.

When I decided to leave my country I knew that I had to be prepared to face some difficulties. However, MigraCode was an amazing kickstarter! My original plan was to get any job that I could find and then slowly start to climb up, but the covid pandemic/quarantine greatly affected my finances and made me get a lot of loans in the bank just to survive during those days. But with MigraCode I was able to get a very good tech job with a very good salary.

I only wish now to give back to this amazing community and I’ll be thankful forever to this amazing project!


From Colombia

A blessed man of the family with a wonderful wife, baby son and a daughter. Went to an engineering university in Colombia and achieved an industrial engineering degree. For several reasons, was forced to move to Spain with his whole family, struggle every day to support and living by an everyday miracle.

It was in a town hall office when I spotted a flyer from MigraCode. I was so excited to have this great chance and for free! Now, after eight months of online, hard coding, I was so happy to finish my bootcamp. But even more happy to participate in MigraCode’s job fair where I could meet Webhelp.

During the job fair I did not only have a chance to get connected, but it was even more amazing when I was invited to participate on a real interview! And then I was absolutely  shocked when after the hiring process I received a call and an email congratulating me with my new job and to welcome me at Webhelp. I am so thankful with God, Migracode and Webhelp for this opportunity and so glad to improve my skills and apply for a coding role in the future. 

MigraCode is definitely a life changing project. I am very fortunate to have become part of the Migracode community where I was and still am a witness of their excellence and their efforts to provide the best education for their students. In addition, I have seen their hard work to organize events and connections with potentially hiring companies with a social and transformative vision. The work that I currently have is the result of that wonderful management.


From South America

My experience in Migracode is totally different from any other member probably. MigraCode was not just an opportunity for me, it was my second chance in life.

I came to Barcelona with relatively a lot of privileges. I am a white guy, and I arrived with 6.000 euros and a European passport. However, I wasted my opportunities that these privileges gave me. I struggled with alcohol and drugs, and at one point I even became a drug dealer. Those things are a very bad combination for sure.

However, when I found MigraCode, I found something to do, something to think about, something to believe in, and something to create and turn into projects.

Because of this, I believe I am on the other side of MigraCode. It’s not just for those who didn’t have the opportunities, but it’s also for those who had all the opportunities and didn’t make use of them when they had the chance. MigraCode was my second chance.

I’m really grateful for all the work MigraCode does. It’s life changing.


From Romania

MigraCode turned out to be the perfect platform to learn something new and extremely useful for the next step of one’s career. But not only that.

Through the perfect mixture of students eager to learn and a lot of volunteers acting on a very high level of knowledge, it’s almost impossible not to reach your goals and to make friends at the same time. It was an amazing experience to see how people from all over the world come together investing time, energy and the will to learn or to teach.

Through the very difficult situation due to the coronavirus and the lockdown measures in Barcelona, we were forced to change plans, moving where we actually should be anyway — online. And it was a tour de force for the organizers, especially for Vincent and Carlos. But they managed not only to move fast and in a very efficient way from the in-person classes to online classes, but also to keep us, as students and the volunteers as instructors, in a dynamic and persevering mood.

Related to learning, it was a very good experience. And even after the graduation, the community is there, waiting for your questions or even for your answers, giving you the possibility to pay back and to help the next generation of students.

Thank you so much to everyone involved.


From Turkey

When I quit my job in Jan. ’20 to find a new life in Catalonia, I knew the next months were going to be a challenge in a new place while spending hours of learning how to code like a professional developer. I had learned to code at 12, with Pascal, but never took it beyond FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and WordPress. Plus, I was now thirty-three.

I saw MigraCode on an Instagram ad in March, and when I got accepted, the struggle of learning to code alone disappeared. Suddenly there were about 25 classmates and over 50 instructors waiting to help in Slack, make 1-on-1 sessions, and long interactive classes.

Even though COVID hit and we had to continue more than half of the course online, those classes & homework made me into a Jr. Full Stack Developer. I can now comfortably write HTML, CSS, React, Node, SQL, and go on to learn many other languages, frameworks, and APIs.

I believe teaching is one of the most sacred professions, and I cannot express enough gratitude to MigraCode and our coding instructors that taught us coding while volunteering alongside their work. Last but not least, Vincent, MigraCode’s director, has not only brought coding instructors together but also provided employability, legal, and psychological assistance by bridging us with many other wonderful volunteers from all over the world.

MigraCode, in my opinion, is one of the best examples of how a group of people can “change the world, one coder at a time.

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