Save the date! On Thursday 21st of October, Vincent van Grondelle and Marta Hormaechea will present our European MigraCode network during the Informatici Senza Frontiere festival, a large IT festival in Rovereto (Italy). The event will take place at 14:00 both online and face-to-face, together with our partners Social Hackers Academy, Borders: None, Informatici Senza Frontiere and Fundacja Mode.

Migracode Europe is a network of code schools throughout Europe made possible by various nonprofit organisations. The network also collaborates with corporate business and other organisations to support vulnerable groups all throughout Europe. At the same time, the network promotes the exchange of best practices between all schools, made possible through online and transnational meetings supported by The European Commission and Erasmus+.

In this event, we will share our values and experience, as well as the importance of non-formal technology education in the inclusion of migrants and refugees. The speakers intervening will be:

Nataša Koprtla Project manager and co-founder of Borders: None. Koprtla is a project management specialist with more than ten years of experience within the private and nonprofit sector, as well as more than five years of experience working with migrants and refugees. She is in charge of the strategical development of the organization and manager of MigraCode Croatia.

Vincent van Grondelle. Manager of Open Cultural Center (OCC) and MigraCode in Barcelona. Van Grondelle has a background in social work, data analysis, nonprofit management, political science, and philosophy. Open Cultural Center is an NGO working towards the inclusion of migrant communities through educational and cultural activities.

Lorenza Pilloni. Manager of MigraCode Italia. Pilloni as an EU projects expert with competences in social planning and NGO administration. She works in Informatici Senza Frontiere since 2013.

Laura Azorín. Fundraising Officer, Project Manager, and General Coordinator at Social Hackers Academy. She studied Business Administration and Management, while working and volunteering in social enterprises and associations with a focus on social impact, integration, equality, justice, and change. After that, she started working in Social Hackers Academy thanks to an international internship.

To watch the presentation, you can register here.

For more information on the MigraCode Europe network, you can visit


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