JobVersity 3.0, the most diverse talent acquisition event in Barcelona, is happening in May. This year, MigraCode Barcelona will organise the second in-person job fair in partnership with Iguality. Don’t miss out and join!

DATE: 02/05/2022

LOCATION: Office of Porsche Digital


The event is open to any tech company that is looking for new tech talent. Recruiters will have the opportunity to personally meet our students, who are skilled in Full Stack Web Development and/or Tech Support, highly motivated, and ready to work. Hiring them will not only make teams more receptive to innovations and new perspectives but also offer diverse talent a unique and life-changing opportunity.

More than just a job fair

JobVersity promotes the inclusion of underrepresented groups in tech (migrants, refugees, various gender, and LGBTQ+ communities). Thus, the event will include talks about migration and how to hire people who migrated to Spain. Moreover, our partner Iguality will participate in this edition to discuss the importance of providing free mental health services to people with a migration background during their labor inclusion.

We will share your commitment to diversity inclusion through our social media channels and we also encourage you to share your participation!

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