Cost-free recruitment of highly motivated people with great skills: all through Migracode Barcelona. You can find all the information below, or you can have a look at our super handy Hiring Guide.

The MigraCode graduate profile

Basic to advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS and Databases

An extraordinary, intrinsic drive to work and continue learning as a Junior Web Developer or as a Senior Tech Support Agent

Project management working experience through Agile Methodologies

Advanced knowledge of tools such as Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Linux, GitHub and other Cloud Services

Experience with working in multicultural, diverse teams and ready to contribute to your diverse company culture

Strong soft skills background through our wide variety of soft skill trainings

Two hiring opportunities


As an employee

Most of our students are ready to be full time, independent employees. They are highly motivated to start working as developers or as advanced tech support agents.

Meet some of the companies that hired grads from us:


As a trainee

Some of our students want to gain more experience and training, and would fit perfectly in a learning program.

Choose between two types of options:


Min. 10hs

Paid / Financial Compensation

The trainee learns while being a productive member of your team, contributing to your product/system


1-5 hours

Paid or unpaid

The trainee learns from your team and can help testing and do small tasks for you product/system

Recruitment costs


Our main objective is to support our students in finding a job and to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.

To make this as realistic and easy as possible, we do not charge any hiring fees when a company hires one or more of our graduates.

How to hire our talent?

Share your open positions

Send your open position(s) directly to us and include an email address where they can send their CV + Motivation Letter

Join our job fairs

Join our quarterly Job Fairs to meet talent directly – to stay up to date get in touch with us or find our events on our Meetup page

Hired… and then?

Our Hiring Manager will support you during the first 3 months of your new talent:

  • Support with finalizing paperwork
  • Progress meetings with your team lead
  • Additional support if there are issues
  • Career counseling with the new hire

Be inspired: success stories


“Hello, I am Shaheen, from Bangladesh. I got a job at Roche as Software Engineer in test.”

Hoffmann-La Roche - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre


Hello, I am Anandamaya, from Venezuela. I got a job at Free Now as Front-end Software Engineer.

Prensa // FREE NOW


Hello, I am Rahaf, from Syria. I got a job at Webhelp Barcelona as Workforce Adherence Manager.

Webhelp - Wikipedia


“Hello, I am Alexei, from Venezuela. I got a job at Platformable as Lead Developer.”

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