Demo Day

Presentations of Social Open Web Development Projects

Thursday, December 17, 2020

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Participants from MigraCode, Learning by Helping and Codebar have worked hard in the last weeks to get hands-on web development experience by building real projects that will be used to address homelessness issues in Barcelona. In this event, the teams will present the outcomes of their work.

🛈 Learning by Helping, a social innovation lab, in collaboration with the UX/UI students at Iron Hack Barcelona, have identified and created proposals for 5 projects that need simple websites plus an online shop. We have gathered great participants who have worked on one of the following projects:

➡️ NGO Real Estate: An NGO that dedicates 100% of its profit to buying houses for homeless people.

➡️ CBD based medicine: A company that produces CBD with homeless people and generates oils to sell to the general public. The company also offers free treatments to homeless people.

➡️ Podcast developed with homeless people: Communication professionals and homeless people will create different content that will be transmitted in a podcast format.

➡️ Street psychologists: A service that offers psychological support on the street for the most vulnerable in the homeless population. Many can not even access centers and services offered by the city. This project would require the ability to upload follow up patient reports.

➡️ Upcycling course with fabrics: A course in which homeless people and the general public repurpose clothes into other goods. The proceeds from the sale of these goods will go to help the homeless. At the moment they are creating masks.

We already want to thank all the participants for their great efforts: Thony, Francisca, Lavinia, Angelo, Joana, Fabio, Anastasia, Jennifer, Bozena, Ümit, Chandreyi, Ehsan, Paulo, Ali, Anudeep, Alejandro, José, Henriette, Elly & Sofia.

And we also want to specifically thank Juandiego, Lino, Yogi, Carlos and the other volunteers that helped the teams during the projects!

Zoom call call password: 1234.

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