Do you have an interest in technology, and  are you interested in social projects and education? Join us at Migracode Barcelona, the first code academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona. Make a difference for our students, volunteers and our main team by using your technological and management background to continue and increase our social impact in Barcelona.

The organisation

Open Cultural Center is a non-profit organisation that carries out various projects with migrants and refugees in Spain and Greece. One of our largest projects in Barcelona is MigraCode, a code academy where students with a migration background and limited access to the labour market can participate in free tech education, powered by a huge volunteer community. We offer an 8-months in-person fullstack web development course and various online tech courses through Coursera. Our main goal is finding job opportunities for our graduates, while offering them additional support during their studies at MigraCode (legal advice, psychological support, mentoring and more). 

What will you do?

As Coordinator of our MigraCode Barcelona program, you will be in charge of overseeing the work of the MigraCode team, managing our main course (fullstack web development), and overseeing the other courses and projects within MigraCode. You will be the contact person for key stakeholders, and work with the MigraCode team to find job opportunities for graduates.

The main responsibilities are the following:

  • Manage our core MigraCode team (+/- 3 team members)
    • Hold team meetings on a weekly basis
    • Coach, train and support team members 
    • Be the main reference point for team members for any issues, questions or concerns
    • Oversee the work of the INCO/Google Project Manager and the CodeWomen Project Manager (specific projects within MigraCode Barcelona)
  • Report to the overall coordinator of Open Cultural Center about the developments in the MigraCode program
  • Plan, organise and carry out MigraCode web development courses in close collaboration with the Head of Education
  • Organise and carry out all MigraCode related events in collaboration with the Open Cultural Center team (job fairs, company meetups, class kick-offs and graduations)
  • Work with the MigraCode team to make sure students get all the support needed, either internally through MigraCode/Open Cultural Center or by working with external partners
  • Work closely with our CSR and partnerships manager to maintain and develop connections with companies, NGOs and other stakeholders, and find job opportunities for graduates of MigraCode
  • Support where possible and needed our fundraising activities (writing grants or CSR proposals)
  • Oversee and manage the main digital tools used in the MigraCode program (Airtable, Trello, Slack and GitBook/GitHub)

What do we offer?

  • A monthly net salary of €1450 (38hs a week, 13 pagos, contrato indefinido), and 30 holidays per year
  • A unique opportunity to work  in the heart of the local social sector, specialised in migration, while also working on an international level with NGOs around Europe
  • The opportunity to work closely with (large) tech companies and their CSR, recruitment and training departments
  • Many opportunities to develop your own social and tech skills, by interacting with our volunteer instructors who are professional developers or HRM professionals, and by interacting with our diverse group of students
  • A flexible schedule (if you prefer so) and the opportunity to work remotely 2 days a week and with 30 holidays per year
  • An opportunity to work in a highly multicultural team consisting of employees, volunteers, interns and external partners
  • The opportunity to join transnational meetings and trainings with partner NGOs throughout Europe, mainly as part of the MigraCode Europe network (
  • Many learning opportunities by working with psychologists, social workers, (EU) project managers and our diverse group of beneficiaries and volunteers

What are the job requirements?

Must haves:

  • Have two years of (project) management experience in the social or corporate/tech sector 
  • Have a strong motivation to support people with a migration background and make a social impact with our team
  • Have good skills in Excel/Google Sheets and preferably also in other Project Management tools such as Trello, Airtable and Slack
  • Have strong social skills to adjust and understand the often difficult situations that our students face while taking part in our programs, and to always interact in a patient, empathic  and understanding manner 
  • Have excellent organisational, time management, communication and writing skills
  • Have an advanced level of English and Spanish
  • Be flexible, proactive and open-minded: we work in a fast-changing environment and you have to be capable to adjust to sudden changes and new developments

Preferable skills:

  • Have an intermediate to advanced level of Catalan
  • Have a degree in technology, computer science, management or other relevant sectors
  • Have event management experience
  • Have experience in the education and/or social sector 
  • Have advanced knowledge of Git(Hub), HTML/CSS & JavaScript, and have advanced computer knowledge about (including but not limited to) domains, hosting, IT security and network infrastructures, and a basic understanding of Node, React and Databases (or in comparable coding languages)  
  • Have advanced knowledge and experience of Airtable and other management tools

What is the application process?

We always let you know if you are selected for the application process or not. Applications have to be submitted through our application form (see link below). We will not consider applications that come in through other channels. Once selected, the process is as follows:

  1. We will invite you for a first interview to get to know each other, talk about the position and the organisation in more detail, discuss your expectations and ambitions and answer any questions you may have.
  2. When the first interview result is positive, the next step is an assignment we would like you to complete. The assignment will relate to coordination skills.
  3. When the result of the assignment is positive, there will be a second interview. In this interview we will discuss in more detail the skills and experience you have, and how these fit the position. We will also discuss the result of the assignment and any feedback you have regarding the assignment.
  4. When the second interview is positive, you will have your final interview with the director of the organisation. Together with our hiring team, the director will make the final decision about the hiring process outcome.

How to apply?

Please use this form to apply: Make sure to select the correct position that you are applying to.


  • Write a proper motivation or attach a motivation letter
  • We do not take Europass CVs into consideration
  • You have to meet the ‘must have’ requirements

Application deadline: 31st of October (but applications may close sooner).

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