Get to know MigraCode: a tech academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona, offering more than just education. From psychological support to legal advice, MigraCode makes full use of it’s amazing volunteer community to support its students from all over the world.

In this short documentary, that will be launched online on World Refugee Day this Sunday, made by Jenny Dinwoodie and sponsored by Lenovo, you can hear the perspectives of various students, volunteers and staff. Be inspired by their stories and find out what MigraCode can mean to you!

This documentary has been made possible by:

Also a special thanks to all the people that shared their stories in the documentary:

  • Carlos Sanchez Heil
  • Henriette Hettinga
  • Luciana Wachockier
  • Alicia Reichardt
  • Farhana Tasnin Bipasha (Bips)
  • Anandamaya Arnó
  • Alejandro Sánchez Gómez
  • Jorge Mario Cobo Sinisterra
  • Vincent van Grondelle
  • Housni Alami
  • Esteban Medina
  • Lavinia Loredana
  • Ricardo Delgado
  • Alexei Soliz Rueda

The online premiere will take place on YouTube, you can access the link through the button below and set a reminder for Sunday!

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