JobVersity, the most diverse talent acquisition event in Barcelona!

The event is open to any tech company in Barcelona looking for new talent, and interested in advancing its diversity and inclusion efforts. Our students are skilled in Full Stack Web Development, trained by experienced instructors, motivated, and ready to work. Hiring them will not only generate a significant social impact but also make your team more diverse and receptive to new perspectives and ideas.

The next edition

JobVersity 3.0, the job fair that you don’t want to miss out!

Tuesday 2nd of May, 17:30

Office of Porsche Digital

In-person event

Carrer d’En Bot, 22, Barcelona

Meet over 25+ talents

More than just a job fair

One of JobVersity’s objectives is to promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups in tech, by focusing (among others) on migrants, refugees, various gender, and LGBTQ+ communities. All the students involved in the event are coming from one (or more) of these groups and are ready to work as software developers.

The event will include the participation of our partner Iguality, which will discuss the importance of providing free mental health services to migrants and refugees during their labor inclusion.

Diversity in the tech sector is increasing as it provides great benefits to companies, making their teams more receptive to innovations and new perspectives. Don’t miss out and join JobVersity!

We will share your commitment to diversity inclusion through our social media channels and we also encourage you to share your participation!

The program

A diverse program with great guest speakers and many networking opportunities

PART 1 – Welcome

Reception of participants with drinks and food

PART 2 – First keynote speaker

How can tech companies benefit from diverse teams 
Hugo Martínez Jiménez | MigraCode Barcelona

PART 3 – Second keynote speaker

The importance of mental health services for refugees and migrants during labor integration processes
Vincent Van Grondelle | Iguality

PART 4 – The job fair

Speed dating sessions (individual or in small groups depending on final participants)

PART 5 – Networking

Time to (re-)meet students and companies and extend your network

Register now, cost-free

Registration is easy, and after registering, you will receive more information soon such as:

  • Which (marketing) materials are useful to bring to the event
  • How the event structure will be
  • Which other partners are joining for networking purposes
  • Profiles of our students
  • Exclusive access to our Talent Platform

In collaboration with

Without the help from these great organisations, this event wouldn’t have been possible!

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