One of the main challenges that our students face is obtaining work permits and/or residence papers in Catalunya/Spain. If they are not able to get these legal documents, it is very difficult for us to help them find a job opportunity and therewith improve their living situation.

Because of this, we are urgently looking for volunteers with a legal background: you could be a lawyer, but also social workers/educators who have experience in writing appeals or have knowledge about asylum processes can definitely help.

Some examples where students need help with:

  • Obtaining Arraigo Social
  • Support with the process of Pareja de Hecho
  • Getting a suitable job offer that can help with getting a work permit
  • Support with asylum request procedures
  • Writing legal requests and/or appeals
  • Other support related to legal processes

You will be able to help students through Slack, email and/or (online) meetings. It is a great way to get to know our program, meet new people and most importantly: directly contribute to improving people’s lives.

We already work together with a great team from Murla & Contreras Advocates, but since they are just with two people and we have many students who need individual help, we need more support.

If you are interested, you can contact Vincent van Grondelle directly, or check our volunteer page where you can also find the application form.

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