As you may know, the parent organisation of MigraCode Barcelona – Open Cultural Center – is part of many European collaborations. This includes a brand new Erasmus+ project (Key-Action 2) in partnership with Madrid for Refugees, Borders None and Hack Your Future Belgium, with a focus on knowledge exchange and supporting Madrid for Refugees with extending their current technical course offering in Madrid.

The coaching program

Part of this collaboration is a 40-day coaching program in Madrid, in which the MigraCode team of Open Cultural Center will work intensively with the team of Madrid for Refugees to support them with their work and find improvements and new working methods that can help them grow their organisation and course offering, based on the previous experience of MigraCode in Barcelona. In total, 4 team members of MigraCode – Ali (2 weeks), Marta (2 weeks), Vincent (full period) and Henriette (1 week) – will work in Madrid over the 40 day period.

The main working topics





Gender inclusion

Meet and collaborate with us

If you’re in Madrid with your organisation, reach out to us and let’s see if we can collaborate or if we can get you in touch with our friends at Madrid for Refugees.

And students and partners in Barcelona, don’t worry: our team members in Madrid are still working remotely for our activities in Barcelona!

Involved partners

Made possible through the EU-funded Erasmus+ collaboration ‘Refugees Code’ with project code 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029106.

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