Over the past weeks, on our social media we have been sharing information about two events: the Schneider Electric Hackathon, organised by Schneider Electric and NUWE; and the “Playing the Challenge” Hackathon, organised by CaixaBank Tech and NUWE. In this article, we share how these two events went.

But first, what exactly is a hackathon? The word comes from two terms: “hack” and “marathon”. In this type of event, programmers get together for a short period of time to work on a project. It is a programming competition usually hosted by a tech company or organization. The goal of hackathons is often to complete a project in a short period of time, in which participants build prototypes of software applications like web or mobile apps. Hackathons are great learning opportunities as well as a chance to meet new people in the tech world and build networks. Plus, there is often a prize for the winners!

On Saturday, 21st of May, the Schneider Electric Hackathon took place online. More than 140 programmers around Spain competed in it, and NUWE coordinated the event from Barcelona. The Hackathon was perfect for trainee and junior levels, as Schneider Electric organised it to meet and recruit technological talent.

Contestants competed, as a group, in Data Science and Cybersecurity modalities. The challenges included environmental themes against climate change that had to be overcome to achieve the best score. The time score was around 10:00 to 23:59h on 21 May to submit the challenges. The competitors with the best score will not only be guaranteed to be hired by Schneider Electric but will also win numerous prizes worth 5,000 euros! The winners will be announced internally by Schneider Electric and NUWE.

On the other hand, the “Playing the Challenge” Hackathon took place online a week later, on Saturday 28th of May. The event was also coordinated by NUWE from Barcelona, and more than 170 programmers around Spain competed in it. It was an initiative of CaixaBank Tech to discover and recruit the best technological talent. Categories included Data Science and React, divided into Web Development and Mobile Development. Participants in the Data Science category had to develop a predictive model that forecasts future trends of the IBEX 35, while those in the React category had to build a web-mobile application for the financial sector.

The challenges were individually, and competitors had to submit their entries between 10:00 and 23:59h on 28 May. The competitors with the best score will not only be eligible for the many open positions that CaixaBank Tech has prepared for them but will also win numerous prizes worth 3,000 euros. CaixaBank Tech and NUWE will also announce the winners internally.

Our ESC volunteer Abdul Kousara participated in the hackathon organised by CaixaBank Tech and NUWE, in the React modality.

In recent years, hackathons have grown in popularity, and for good reason. They are challenging and competitive – but also fun – events in which junior developers gain valuable skills. Furthermore, there are really attractive prizes offered, including a chance to be hired by a hosting company. Would you like to participate in one? Stay tuned and follow MigraCode on social media! We always announce interesting events and opportunities like hackathons for starting developers.


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