Share your skills

MigraCode provides companies and professionals the opportunity to support our students with skills development through the possibility of giving one-time or recurring masterclasses and workshops. We are open to any proposal! Giving a masterclass to our students and grads is a great way to get to know MigraCode and get great teaching/training experience.

An average masterclass:

  • Takes around 1 to 3 hours
  • Is given online by one or more trainers
  • Is given to a group of 5 to 15 students and grads
  • Is given on a Monday or Thursday, after 17:00
  • Is given in English or Spanish
  • Is always related to the tech sector and/or the job search
  • Is interactive (use breakout rooms for instance)
  • Should always mainly benefit our students

Type of online masterclasses



Data Analysis Workshop

Introduction to Python

Working with Java

WordPress Workshop



CV Workshop

Introduction to LinkedIn

Job Interview Practice

GitHub Profile creation



Communication Workshop

UX Design Introduction

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workplace Psychology

How to submit your idea?

NOTE: At the moment, our schedules for 2021 are full. We will soon open new applications for masterclasses again for 2022. Thank you!

Any professional can submit their idea for giving a masterclass. We will carefully consider your proposal and we will let you know by email if we can organise it.

The process is as follows:

Fill the application form (make sure to already have a clear idea and ready to give the masterclass)

Within 2 weeks, we will let you know if we can organise your masterclass

If confirmed, we will choose the date, and invite our grads + students

We take care of the logistics – you just need to show up and share your knowledge!

Once done, we will share your work on all our Social Media channels

Important note: we receive many request, so we only pick the most suitable and useful masterclasses. Please don’t take any rejection personal – we are just very picky!

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