We are proud to announce that in collaboration with UNHCR/ACNUR and Porsche Digital, MigraCode Barcelona will present the first in-person edition of JobVersity: the most diverse talent acquisition event of Barcelona! And with it’s new jacket on comes a new name: JobVersity 2.0.

DATE: 22/09/2022

LOCATION: Office of Porsche Digital


With support from ACNUR (UNHCR), the event will also include talks about migration, and you will be able to get information how to hire people who migrated to Spain. Also, participating will not only be rewarded with a great experience with MigraCode and our partners, but will also allow you to be mentioned in the social media campaigns before and after the event.

What is JobVersity 2.0?

The event is open for any tech company that is looking for new tech talent. There is no hiring fee to hire our students and it will offer diverse talent a unique and life changing opportunity. Our students are skilled in Full Stack Web Development and/or Tech Support, highly motivated and ready to work.

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