Job Fair (Online)

Online JobVersity III: The most Diverse Talent Acquisition Event in BCN

Thursday, February 11, 2021 | 16:00-18:00

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Welcome to the third edition of JobVersity, the most diverse talent acquisition event in BCN!

As the event is online, only MigraCode students can join. However, the event is open for any company that is looking for new tech talent! Hiring our students is cost-free and will simultaneously create a big social impact. Our students are skilled in Full Stack Web Development, highly motivated and ready to work.

Simple: fill this form below. After the event, we will share all CV’s from all students with you, in order for you to schedule a separate meeting with students you were potentially interested in for hiring or including in an internship/traineeship opportunity.

Each participating company hosts 3 video sessions of max. 25 minutes in a row with 2 or 3 graduate students. In each session, the company representative shortly explains about the company and the potential opportunities, followed by a quick intro from each student. After that, both students and the company representative can ask questions. Each session is moderated by a representative from MigraCode, and will also be recorded to be shown to other students after the event, and if permitted by you, shared online in a compilation video.

Like the original event, we want to share your participation in the event through Migracode’s social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also encourage you to share your participation! Together we can show, even in the current difficult situation, how important diversity and inclusion is, and that, even now, you can increase your social impact through joining this online event.

➡️Migracode: an NGO that offers the first (free) full stack web development code course for migrants and refugees in Barcelona (

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