Learn to code confidently. Take your next career steps in IT through MigraCode, Google.org & INCO Academy


Through this program, which is powered by INCO Academy and Google.org, you will gain the in-demand skills that will prepare you to be job-ready and have access to employability services to launch your career in IT.

This 6-course certificate program designed by Google.org and delivered on Coursera, will teach you how to write code to solve problems and automate solutions. A crucial skill for anybody in IT.

If you complete this course, you can apply for roles in IT, like more advanced IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator positions, and we will offer you support with doing this.

Why join this course?

Free scholarship access to the online course (original cost of $49/month)

Access to various services to ensure completion

Placement services to convert training into jobs

100% online courses from home or our office with flexible schedule

No degree or prior experience required – start from scratch

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French & Russian

What will you learn?

Course 1 – Crash Course on Python

In this course learners will understand the benefits of programming in IT roles; be able to write simple programs using Python; figure out how the building blocks of programming fit together; and combine all of this knowledge to solve a complex programming problem.

Course 2 – Using Python to Interact with the Operating System

By the end of this course, learners will be able to manipulate files and processes on their computer’s operating system. They’ll also have learned about regular expressions — a very powerful tool for processing text files — and they’ll get practice using the Linux command line on a virtual machine.

Course 3 – Introduction to Git and GitHub

In this course, learners will learn how to keep track of the different versions of their code and configuration files using a popular version control system (VCS) called Git. They’ll also go through how to setup an account with a service called GitHub so that they can create their very own remote repositories to store their code and configuration.

Course 4 – Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques

This course is designed to provide the tools to quickly identify and solve real-world problems that learners might come across in their IT role. They’ll look at a bunch of different strategies and approaches for tackling the most common pitfalls of their code and IT infrastructure. They’ll learn strategies for approaching almost any technical problem and then see how those apply to solving different real-world scenarios.

Course 5 – Configuration Management and the Cloud

During this course, learners will understand how to automate the process for deploying new computers, keeping those machines updated, managing large-scale changes, and a lot more. Learners will also learn how to manage both physical machines running in their offices and virtual machines running in the Cloud.

Course 6 – Automating Real-World Tasks with Python

In the final course, learners will tackle real-world scenarios in Qwiklabs that will challenge them to use multiple skills at once. They’ll take a closer look at how to use external Python modules to extend their code’s capabilities, and spend some time learning how to use documentation to learn a new module.

What are the outcomes?

By earning these IT Skills, you prepare yourself for roles that include — IT Support II, Jr Systems Analyst, Jr Systems Administrator, Network Specialist, and many more. More specifically, you will learn the following skills:

  • Learn how to program with Python with no previous knowledge of coding required and you’ll use Python to automate common system administration tasks
  • Learn to use Git and GitHub, to troubleshoot and debug complex problems
  • Apply automation at scale by using configuration management and the Cloud
  • Practice your technical skills with hands-on projects including a capstone project where you’ll use your new knowledge to solve a real-world IT problem

Free, official certificate from Google

Share that you…

  • Have learned to apply your skills with hands-on projects
  • Have been able to learn on your own schedule
  • Completed the course through the course videos and readings
  • Finished all the graded quizzes and assignments

Course/scholarship structure


With support from volunteers

Finish in 2 to 5 months

Based on your own availability

Work online & in our office

Meet with

Some obligated meetings

Every 2


Use our platorm every week

All details on the official course page

Check all the details of our course on the website of Coursera, where you will follow the course (ignore the price – you will get free access through MigraCode & INCO).

Are you ready to start?

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