As every 5 months, MigraCode Barcelona is organising JobVersity: The most Diverse Talent Acquisition Event in BCN! The event is open for any tech company that is looking for new tech talent. Hiring our students is cost-free and will simultaneously create a big social impact. Our students are skilled in Full Stack Web Development and Tech Support, highly motivated and ready to work.

12th of January, 17:00-19:00

ONLINE – Zoom call

For companies and MigraCode grads

Which profiles do we offer?

All grads are fully-trained full stack junior web developers through our 8-month 30h/w bootcamp, ready to work as in your technical team or to start in a traineeship program. Most graduates speak English and Spanish, some speak one of those two languages, and some speak even other languages. Most of our graduates already have their work permit. More details over here.

How does the event work?

Simple: show up and meet our talent! You will get the chance to meet more than 15 highly-talented individuals from our program and to also meet new corporate partners.

Dissemination and promotion

We want to share your participation in the event through Migracode’s social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also encourage you to share your participation! Together we can show how important diversity and inclusion is, and that you can increase your social impact simply by joining this online event.

Diversity and inclusion

Like any JobVersity event, one of the main objectives of this event is to involve underrepresented groups in tech, by focusing (among others) on migrant, refugee, and various gender and LGBTQ+ communities. All the students involved in the event are coming from one (or more) of these groups and are ready to work as a software developer at your company. Hiring them automatically makes you eligible to our CSR program.



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