Ready to battle the steep climbs of the Catalan Pyrenees?



Weekend of June 18/19 2022 – start at 7:00AM on a Saturday or Sunday (depending on weather conditions)


Starting point in Ripoll, Catalunya, Spain (1h from Barcelona)


Cyclists register for free and pick a route/distance that suits their fitness and find people to sponsor their effort


The raised funding for this event will benefit the MigraCode program: a tech academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona

Check out the 2021 promo – the 2022 version will be online soon!

What is the cause?

About MigraCode Barcelona

Meet MigraCode (MC): a code academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona. It offers a cost-free 8-month coding course to people who have a migration background and unequal access to the labour market.

The aim of the fundraiser is to raise enough money to fund a complete MigraCode web development course supporting up to 18 students from vulnerable communities through free tech education and other additional support that our program offers.



ROUTE 1 – Gaining muscle

Route 1 is for those who are fit, but may not have a lot of experience with riding in the mountains. This route takes you over the wonderful Coll de la Creueta and back to Ripoll via Ribes de Freser.


1600m elevation

ROUTE 2 – Double suffer

Route 2 is for the advanced cyclist, who has experience in the mountains and long distances. This route follows route 1, but includes an extra loop via Alp, meaning an extra climb and a longer route.


2500m elevation

ROUTE 3 – Flying high

Route 3 is for those who did this kind of stuff before and who cycle a lot on a weekly basis. This route includes route 1 & 2, but also includes the magnificent and highest paved climb of Catalunya: Vallter 2000.


4000m elevation

Practical information


Our sponsors will provide nutrition during the event including drinks, energy bars and other food. There are also many places to eat along the route.


You can bring your own bike + gear, but there are many places to rent a road bike in Barcelona, like Terra Bike Tours, Cuesta or Pedal Bike Rental. We recommend a road bike in good condition.


Taking part in this event is on your own responsibility – make sure to have a good travel insurance if you join from abroad. During the event, a car to pick you up if you run into any issues.


You can stay in Barcelona, as it’s only one hour away from the starting point in Ripoll. However, staying in or near Ripoll is recommended, which you can also book through us.

Additional options

Donate and get the official jersey!

Get a great memory of the event and proudly promote our cause by making a donation to MigraCode and receive the uniquely designed MigraCode Gran Fondo 2022 jersey by GOBIK.

When you register, you can request the jersey.

Stay the weekend!

The event is only 1 day, but we have arranged accommodation for the whole weekend for anyone who wants to join. Turn your Gran Fondo in a mountain weekend and stay in one of the lovely bungalows we have already reserved!

When you register, you can reserve a bungalow spot.

The requirements

Have a relative good fitness level and have some experience with riding in the mountains – all routes are advanced cycling challenges and include though climbs and tricky descents.

Have the motivation to raise money through this event (as explained below) to benefit the MigraCode Barcelona program and therewith support refugees and migrants – this is more than just a ride!

Be prepared to invest training for the event: depending on your experience and the route you choose, you’ll need to be fit before the start to finish the event the best you can!

Be aware that you will need to make some financial investments in travel and accommodation costs – it’s a one day event but you can turn it into a Spain holiday! We are happy to provide additional routes for your holiday.

How to register and start fundraising?


Register online

5-10m registration


Start training

Join us if you want!


Start fundraising

Share the fundraiser


How does it work?

A few months before the event, we will include you as a member of the fundraising team in our fundraiser on GoFundMe. You can now share this page with friends, colleagues and family so they can donate. We will also send you more information and tips to raise as much money as you can. Tell the people donating to select your name in the donation form so you can see how much funds you have raised.

A story from last year from our friends at Adaptive

“This Gran Fondo race is just a small part of the collaboration between Adaptive and Migracode. For the second consecutive year, we sponsored the program. And by the time I manage to remind myself of all this, I am at 1850m. Bam, bam, bam, bam, with a smile, we see the end of the climb.”

Fabio Marcon and Pierre Prevot from Adaptive

The full story and a video from Fabio and Pierre over here.

Questions? Doubts? Register?

The registrations for the 2022 event are closed, but you can join the waiting list for 2023!

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