Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to chat with Yun, a 32-year-old migrant from China who graduated from the MigraCode Web Development Course in March 2023. During the interview Yun shared her experiences and insights, shedding light on her journey from being a tech reporter in China to becoming a tech insider thanks to MigraCode. She discussed her motivations for joining the program, the challenges she faced as a migrant, and the positive impact MigraCode had on her life.

When did you arrive in Spain and how did you become interested in coding? 

“I arrived in Spain in 2020 and settled in Valencia initially because I had some friends there. Later, after the lockdown, I moved to Tarragona. During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt the urge to delve deeper into the technical aspects of the tech industry as I have always had this curiosity to truly understand how things work in tech”.

Before joining MigraCode, Yun worked as a tech reporter in China for seven years after studying Journalism. Despite her passion for telling tech stories, she always felt like an outsider due to her limited technical understanding. This desire for a more comprehensive knowledge of technology led her to start learning coding on her own in Tarragona.

How did you discover the courses of MigraCode?

“I discovered MigraCode through a friend who is a volunteer instructor within the course. I immediately found the community aspect and the opportunity to learn from experienced individuals very appealing. Especially for someone who started studying on her own, like me, you really need help and guidance from other people who are more experienced and that was just something really hard to get on my own. This opportunity was definitely something I found super helpful in MigraCode”.

Her journey at MigraCode spanned eight months, during which she gained new skills and knowledge. Although she had some prior experience with Python, most of her JavaScript skills were acquired through MigraCode. Beyond the technical skills, Yun emphasized the importance of the supportive community within MigraCode. The coding support channels on Slack and events like Code Women, where she could meet other women studying coding and share their experiences, provided her with the opportunity to connect with fellow learners and mentors

What type of challenges do you encounter as a migrant and as a woman?

“The biggest challenges that I faced, and that I still currently face, are related to work permits and residency. It’s already hard to find a job, and migrant people have this additional hurdle to go through”.

During the interview, Yun expressed frustration about the difficulties in obtaining a work permit, which has impacted her job prospects. Despite receiving a job offer from an international company, they were unable to hire her due to her permit status. However, she has found some support through MigraCode’s free psychological services, which are provided in collaboration with Iguality.

What has been a true learning experience you had within MigraCode?

“The final project was super fun. We put everything we learned together, even things we had not learned yet. We decided to use a proper React framework, and we chose Next.js, a new framework for everyone. I played a little bit during the Christmas break because I didn’t have classes, but like everyone else on the team, I hadn’t used it before. We had to learn a new tool because we thought it was the right tool to use. We didn’t want to make decisions based on what we know or what was convenient, but rather, what was the right tool for the job.

Since completing the program, Yun has been actively involved in open-source projects while seeking employment. She views her MigraCode experience as a stepping stone to building her portfolio and pursuing her career as a tech insider. Despite the obstacles, Yun remains optimistic about her future and continues to leverage her MigraCode experience to forge her path in the tech industry.


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