Final Projects Presentations by Migracode Graduates

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Link to the Meetup.com event


Our March groups are almost finishing their Migracode course, and thus also their final project they worked on for 2 months in small teams! We proudly present the following 6 projects that will be presented during this online event:

➡️ TEAM 1: A website connecting Social Work Students with vulnerable communities in Utrecht.

Carried out by Alejandro Sánchez Gómez, Anandamaya Arnó and Rubén Adarme, led by Juandiego Calero (and with support from Lute Bos).

➡️ TEAM 2: A website for a local tailor in Barcelona including a webshop.

Carried out by Joaquin Diez, Ricardo Delgado, Shaheen Akond and Viktoryia M., led by Lino E. Urdiales Matus.

➡️ TEAM 3: A (home)work management website for Migracode students.

Carried out by Ion Oaie, Jose Arriaga Mendez, Thiago Luiz Pereira, led by Kamel Aouane

➡️ TEAM 4: A e-commerce website to allow people to find their local foods that are not easily available in Spain.

Carried out by Ehsan Waheed, Esteban Medina and Jorge Mario Cobo Sinisterra, led by Henriette Hettinga.

➡️ TEAM 5: A website for freelancers to simplify their administrative work and processes.

Carried out by Alexei Soliz Rueda, Alexei Garban Valdeon and Jose Luis Carballo, led by Nandan Rao.

➡️ TEAM 6: Book exchanges are good for the environment; a book swap website with a beautiful minimalistic design

Carried out by Lavinia Loredana, Roshan Sapkota and Umit Selahattin Oner, led by Eduard Bargués Junyent.

The event is not just a great way to get to know our Stack, see what our students work on understand the objectives of Migracode, but also to get to know our students and contact them in case you think they may fit an open position at a tech company!

– Access: Free
– Duration: 2-3 hours, with breaks
– Attendee limit: None
– Guests: More than welcome!

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