“One year ago, my colleagues told me that Adaptive’s Early Careers Programme was welcoming applications from MigraCode students. Of course, these were amazing news for me because I was very involved in MigraCode”, says Ricard More. Ricard is a Senior Software Development Engineer at Adaptive and a technical volunteer at MigraCode. 

The Early Careers Programme is a 6 month graduate programme that includes training and mentoring for newly graduated developers. The programme eases the graduates into the company’s systems and culture, and it already offers all the benefits of a full employee contract from day one. According to Alejandro –a MigraCode graduate who took part in the programme– “this programme is incredible because you don’t find a lot of opportunities like this one in the tech sector”.

And Ricard agrees: “the programme is perfect for MigraCode students, because they can keep learning in a very safe environment. And they have very experienced developers as mentors!”. 

A great opportunity always comes with challenges

The Early Careers Programme was a great opportunity for MigraCode students. But there was a long way to go.

Only 3 positions were open in Barcelona and Adaptive received around 200 applications, and just a few were coming from MigraCode graduates. 

From left to right: Ümit, Alejandro and Ricardo, the three MigraCode graduates who were selected for the Adaptive Early Careers Programme

After an intense recruitment process “something between lucky and magical happened”, Ricard remembers, because all three successful candidates ended up being MigraCode graduates. “I remember it was an amazing day. […] All Adaptive employees who had been involved with MigraCode were celebrating”. 

This programme is incredible, you don’t find a lot of opportunities like this one in the tech sector.

Alejandro Sánchez, MigraCode Graduate and Web Developer at Adaptive

When the 3 selected candidates arrived, Ricard was not worried at all because, as he says, “I fully trusted them, I knew they were going to bring a lot of motivation and that they would finish the programme successfully”. And they did: Adaptive offered all three of them the opportunity to be hired as developers within the company. 

However, the way was not always easy for the graduates. “As a junior developer starting my career, I was very insecure”, Alejandro explains. He often felt nervous or was afraid of not meeting expectations. However, for Ricard, dealing with insecurity is part of the learning process. They both agree that mentors can help with this. “I found in my mentor someone to whom I could talk about my feelings. She was always open and shared her own experience with insecurities, and it helped”. 

After Early Careers Programme: full-blown web developers in their own right

Thanks to the support of Adaptive mentors, Alejandro, Ümit and Ricardo managed to overcome the challenges of the Early Careers Programme. In Ricard’s opinion, “nobody can deny that they are now full-blown developers. They are equal members of the team”.

By the end of the programme, graduates are full of satisfaction. “Living every step of this process has been spectacular. It has been a very nurturing experience”, concludes Alejandro. 

Hear more about the experience of Alejandro, Ümit and Ricardo in this video interview.

With this successful experience behind, Adaptive is ready for more. The 2022/2023 Early Careers Programme is now open and the firm is trying again to get MigraCode graduates onboard. You can read more about the programme here.

At MigraCode, we are thankful for Adaptive’s commitment which helps us grow every year. As Ricard stated, this first experience “has been proof to all of us that MigraCode really works and will keep working”. But, of course, this could not be true without the continued support of a committed company like Adaptive.

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