Support us financially

Donate to Migracode Barcelona and support our students in their journey to become Junior Web Developers! A small amount can already be used to support our program.

We will use financial donations (among other things) for:

  • Financing the salaries of our small management team
  • Support the financial compensation for the traineeships that we offer to young people
  • Prepare and organise events for and with our students
  • Pay for services that we need to provide our education (Zoom or Podio subscriptions for instance)

If you have any issues with the form on this page to donate, please contact us directly at

Donate hardware

Got your old laptop laying around doing nothing? Donate it to MigraCode students! A great, environmental-friendly way to give old hardware a new life

Donated laptops will either be used to:

  • be lend to MigraCode students during their course in case they don’t have one that is strong enough to carry out the tasks they are required to do, or;
  • be given to MigraCode graduates who successfully completed the course, but haven’t found a job yet, don’t have their own laptop and who are eager to continue coding and learning.

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