Find our main CSR partners below to find out how they are involved and how they support our mission of making the tech sector more diverse and inclusive.

Adaptive Financial Consulting

#CourseSponsorship, #HiringStudents, #SendingVolunteers

Adaptive has been a loyal partner of MigraCode Barcelona since 2020, and also the first partner who was able to first sponsor a MigraCode group, and later actually hire graduates from MigraCode – the full CSR loop! Apart from that, they have also many employees volunteering with MigraCode.

Lenovo Spain

#CourseSponsorship, #MaterialDonations

Lenovo Spain has sponsored various courses of MigraCode Barcelona and with that has made a significant impact on the resources we have to support all our students, already for several years. They have shown a strong commitment to diversity and have also gotten involved in sponsoring the Greek branch of MigraCode’s parent organisation, Open Cultural Center.

Webhelp Spain

#HiringStudents, #SendingVolunteers, #EducationSpace

Webhelp Spain has been one of our most stable hiring partners, and until today, has already contracted more than 15 graduates from MigraCode Barcelona in various technical and non-technical positions in technical engineering and customer support positions. They also have various employees volunteering at MigraCode, and offered their office spaces to hold MigraCode classes and events.

Red Hat

#CourseSponsorship, #SendingVolunteers

Red Hat started their first course sponsorship in 2022, and with that, contributed greatly to the further development and growth of MigraCode Barcelona. At the same, they have helped us disseminating our cause and got various volunteers involved into MigraCode.


#CourseSponsorship, #SendingVolunteers

Amazon got involved in MigraCode Barcelona in 2021 and has sent many volunteers to give students technical support, but also support us with giving professional skill trainings. Since 2022, they have also started sponsoring MigraCode and making free education possible for our students.


#CourseSponsorship, #SendingVolunteers, #ProbonoTechSupport

Typeform has gotten involved in 2021 with MigraCode Barcelona, and since then, many volunteers got involved into the program supporting students with a wide range of topics. Since 2022, Typeform also started sponsoring MigraCode to make our program more sustainable and support free education, while also offering the Typeform software to our organization.

New Relic

#CourseSponsorship, #SendingVolunteers, #MaterialDonations

New Relic has already been involved with MigraCode since 2020 starting with amazing material donations (MacBooks), and since 2022, they also started their first course sponsorship to make free education possible. Apart from that, they have also sent many volunteers through their Corporate Volunteering Program.


#SendingVolunteers, #MaterialDonations

Skyscanner has made various great donations for us to be able to offer high-quality laptops to our students when they study with MigraCode. At the same time, we have already received various volunteers from Skyscanner that directly support our students.


#SendingVolunteers, #HiringStudents

Platformable is one of our most valued hiring partners that both took on many traineeships from recently-graduated students, but also hired a student already for a full time Software Engineering position. Platformable has shown a continuous and personal dedication to diversify the tech sector.

Fundación La Caixa

#CourseSponsorship, #EducationSpace

Fundación La Caixa has already been involved various times in course sponsorship, and with that, directly contributed to free education for our students. At the same time, they offer their wonderful classroom spaces in CaixaForum to hold our classes, which is an amazing contributing to in-person education possibilities in times of the pandemic.

Porsche Digital

#CourseSponsorship, #EducationSpace

Porsche Digital has gotten involved in MigraCode in 2021 and has strongly contributed to our various activities, including sending volunteers and sponsoring the program. At the same time, they offer their amazing space in the heart of Barcelona for students to study on a weekly basis.


#CourseSponsorship, #SendingVolunteers

SAGE has had an active volunteer community they sent to MigraCode Barcelona, offering a wide range of support to our students since 2020. Furthermore, they have become an official sponsor of MigraCode since 2022 and now also contribute making MigraCode more sustainable.

Other partners

MigraCode Barcelona is a program by Open Cultural Center, and we work with many other partners, including great nonprofit organisations that help us finding students and offer support to current MigraCode students. Interested in becoming a partner? Check out our Collaboration Page.

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