About Codeworks

Codeworks offers immersive courses to learn Software Engineering. Ranked as one of the best coding academies in the world, it provides remote and on-site programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility by Codeworks

Codeworks is involving their senior students in weekly support sessions with Migracode students, where the students from Codeworks help our students with homework and other technical challenges

Codeworks is offering the wonderful spaces in Barcelona to our students once a week, so they can work on homework and to meet the Codework students for knowledge exchange

Codeworks allows us to be part of their amazing, international community, by giving us the opportunity to present our project to their new students on a regular basis and have us join their great Meetup events

Sharing knowledge between students

Every week, Migracode students join Codeworks students at the Codeworks center, to work together on the materials, share knowledge and also share intercultural experiences. Both of our schools have students from all over the world, so it’s a great international atmosphere where many cultures come together!

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