Supporting (migrant) women in a male-dominated tech world

CodeWomen is an empowering and supportive community for women, by women. The goal is offering women learning, encouragement and support. In addition, CodeWomen offers its members a safe environment to share their plans, ambitions, and questions with each other. By building this community, CodeWomen stimulates both professional and personal growth. CodeWomen is a unique place for women career changers, specifically for women with a migration background, to learn and network, meet new people, and get career advice from experienced women developers.

How does it work?

We organise three CodeWomen meetings each month:

Learning &
Networking Event

With a speaker, workshop, tutorial or panel discussion. This event aims to increase knowledge and practical skills related to tech topics, professional skills and career aspects, with a lot of time to interact and network.

Coding with

With women developers who can help and coach. The participants can work on their own projects or homework, get help when they are stuck and ask about topics they want to know more about. There is also a CodeWomen Barcelona GitHub organisation with small projects that the students can work on, to add to their own GitHub portfolio.

Open Coding

An informal get-together of women who want to code and meet other women coders. Two women from the CodeWomen organising team are there to offer information and help where needed.

“… it is creative, it challenges you to solve problems, and the feeling of victory you get when you solve something after hours or days of frustration … that feeling is the best!”

One of the participants

The CodeWomen GitHub

You learn programming by building projects, and that is why CodeWomen has a GitHub organisation with 14 project repositories (and more on the way). These projects are challenges on different levels with detailed descriptions and examples, for starters, advanced students, and graduates. The projects include vital tools such as Git and Flexbox, and topics such as building an online resume, working with APIs, online forms, and more.

Our partners




Are you a company? Start a CSR program by supporting CodeWomen!

In 2022, we started collaborating with companies to host our coding sessions. For the CodeWomen community, this brings the opportunity to see a tech company from the inside, meet women developers who work there, and talk with them about their jobs.

Why work with us?

The company can give a brief introduction about their activities during our bi-weekly events.

In case of a longer-term commitment, the company can get mentioned on the CodeWomen webpage and in social media posts, and participate in job fairs.

The company can present vacancies and have an HR person at the session to talk to women who are interested.

Women developers in the company can get involved as volunteers and become a role model for other women.

Other partnerships

A growing initiative such as CodeWomen needs a sustainable foundation. Getting to know CodeWomen through hosting an event is a first step. If the event is a success and the company would like to collaborate further, we can prepare proposals to talk about possible next steps, such as sponsoring and donations.

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