A student’s perspective to navigating the tech industry with MigraCode

Thony Nava is a 28-years old-developer based in Barcelona. He describes himself as a “geek” because he has been extremely fascinated by coding since a very young age. At 14, he decided to take a Pascal programming language course during a summer break, and ever since, he has nurtured his coding skills.

The questions are then, why did he need MigraCode and why does he describe MigraCode as a game changer for his personal and professional life?

MigraCode’s Gran Fondo 2022: cycling for the inclusion of migrants and refugees

On Saturday the 18th of June, the second edition of our Gran Fondo Cycling Fundraiser took place. An event that more than 40 cyclists joined in order to bike the steep mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees to support the MigraCode program. In total, more than 4,800 euros have been raised, making it possible for a new batch of students to study coding at MigraCode and eventually find high-quality jobs in the tech industry.

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