Support our students by using your developer experience, help students find the perfect job using your HR skills, or support students with legal questions and processes with your legal background.

Quin és l'avantatge per a tu?

  • You will contribute to improving the lives of others through free education.
  • You will become a better expert in your craft by teaching.
  • You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working.
  • You will become a part of Migracode’s professional network, including tech Meetups, companies, NGOs, and other professional developers.
  • You will get first-hand experience working in the NGO sector.

“El nostre programa és per a 99% alimentat i fet possible per voluntaris. Sense aquesta comunitat forta, no podríem donar suport a grups vulnerables a Barcelona i oferir-los noves oportunitats a la vida.

Vincent van Grondelle - Director de programes de Migracode Barcelona

Diverses maneres d’implicar-se

There are many things to do as a volunteer at MigraCode, and depending on your professional profile and availability, there is always a way to help us and our students!

We need both technical people and HR/training/project management professionals. In practice, this means that you can help as a:

  • Mestre/formador voluntari
  • Mentor voluntari
  • Voluntari de suport Slack

Compromís de temps

We know how hard it can be to volunteer next to your job, family life, or even next to other volunteering you may do. Therefore, we offer various sorts of volunteering, of which the majority is completely flexible, meaning you can choose when and how to help, either one-to-one or in our classes.

Alguns requisits

Experience in and knowledge of the field you want to support us with. We don’t have a large management team so you need to be able to work independently.

A good level of English is required to help at Migracode Barcelona. Speaking Spanish, Catalan, and/or Arabic is a great advantage.

Of course, we also understand you want to get professional experience – which you will -, but the main reason for joining Migracode should be an intrinsic motivation to support vulnerable groups.

Detalls del currículum

El nostre currículum tècnic

You can look at our curriculum for the technical volunteers to see our stack and other aspects of how and what we teach.

Sol·liciteu-ho ara i introduïu-vos automàticament

Auto-incorporació en 3 senzills passos


Feu la vostra sol·licitud
el formulari de sol·licitud

Please leave your details with us so we can have a clear overview of your interest and receive volunteer requests from us directly in your email.


Consulteu el nostre
guia de voluntaris

You can find the volunteer roles we offer, and how to sign up for them. The guide also describes many other details of our program, so please have a look to be fully prepared for the next step.


Uneix-te al nostre Slack
Espai de treball

Once you have checked our Volunteer Guide, you can join our Slack workspace through the link in the email. Slack is the starting point for helping students, joining classes, and other volunteer possibilities.



You can start supporting students through our support channels or sign up for any other volunteer roles described in the Volunteer Guide. Questions? Contact us!