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Start learning today! MigraCode has confirmed its collaboration with the Work in Tech (WIT) program for the 3rd year in a row. Thanks to joint efforts we can offer you access to multiple fully funded courses. The WIT is a worldwide program powered by INCO Academy, through which students with diverse backgrounds can launch their careers in tech. Since its founding, the INCO Academy has helped thousands around the world unlock technical skills and reach their full potential through tech. Read more…


A student’s perspective to navigating the tech industry with MigraCode

Thony Nava is a 28-years old-developer based in Barcelona. He describes himself as a “geek” because he has been extremely fascinated by coding since a very young age. At 14, he decided to take a Pascal programming language course during a summer break, and ever since, he has nurtured his coding skills.

The questions are then, why did he need MigraCode and why does he describe MigraCode as a game changer for his personal and professional life?