Migracode acts as a bridge between the demand for skilled people in the tech sector and people with a migration background who are eager to work in the tech industry. Founded in 2019, we are cooperating with other code schools in Europe to build a large community of companies and students to foster both labor integration as well as social inclusion.

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves the right to follow education, especially those with less opportunities. Therefore we focus on those with a migration background and who have the eagerness to learn, but are often not able to do so.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”Nelson Mandela

The four pillars of MigraCode



فتح الوصول إلى مدرستنا

نحن نؤمن بتكافؤ الفرص للجميع ، وبالتالي فإن أكاديميتنا متاحة مجانًا للأشخاص ذوي الخلفية المهاجرة والوصول المحدود إلى سوق العمل


> No participation costs

> 99% powered by volunteers

> An open-source curriculum



التقريب بين الناس

من أجل تعزيز ليس فقط العمالة ولكن أيضًا الاندماج الاجتماعي ، نعمل على دمج الوافدين الجدد ومواطني الدول المضيفة من خلال برنامجنا وفعالياتنا


> (Online) events to bring groups together

> Linking newcomers with locals

> Constant contact through Slack and classes



تعزيز تكامل العمالة

نحن على اتصال بالعديد من شركات التكنولوجيا في برشلونة وحولها ونهدف إلى إيجاد وظائف لطلابنا بعد تخرجهم من دورة الترميز لدينا ، بمساعدة من التدريب على التوظيف


> Many partners in the tech sector

> A stack that matches the needs of tech

> Direct student support with employability



تقديم أكثر من مجرد تعليم

نحن لا ندعم طلابنا فقط في تعلم كيفية البرمجة ، ولكننا نقدم أيضًا تدريبات على المهارات البسيطة والدعم النفسي وأشكال أخرى من الدعم الإضافي ولكن الضروري


> A health team with social workers & therapists

> Collaborations with lawyers

> A specific program for our female students

أصبح ممكناً بواسطة Open Cultural Center

Together with professional developers and our students we are constantly expanding our community of local people, migrants, refugees, companies, NGO’s and other organisations that are involved in our project. This whole process is in line with the philosophy with the organisation behind MigraCode: the Open Cultural Center.

Our 4th Pillar: Inclusive and Supportive


Our CodeWomen project within MigraCode offers our female students a support platform to exchange knowledge and create meaningful connections.

Mental Health Care Team

We have an internal social worker and various voluntary professional therapists who offer psychosocial support to many of our students on a weekly basis.

Legal Support

We have volunteers who point our students in the right direction for any legal questions and we collaborate with other NGOs to offer more support.


For students who face big educational challenges and who started coding from scratch, we link them to a steady ‘CodeBuddy’ during the course.

English Classes

Through an amazing collaboration with the Oxford House Barcelona, we offer free English classes to all MigraCode students throughout their MigraCode course.

Other Support

Our internal Social Worker collaborates with all our volunteers and partner organisations to provide personalised additional support to our students.

The different perspectives of MigraCode


If you want to read more about the background of our students, read our interview with Mouaz, a student from our first group who came via Greece from Syria to Barcelona.


If you want to read more about how and why our volunteers get involved into our program, and how they use their background to help, read this interview with one of our instructors.


If you want to read more about the stories of our graduates – where they came from and where they are now, check this page with various background stories of graduates.


If you want to read more about how our female students are supported throughout our program to foster gender inclusion, check out this article about CodeWomen.

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