At the moment, we offer a variety of courses at MigraCode Barcelona. Based on your previous experience, interests, and current technical level, you can choose one of our courses. It is also possible to start with one course and do any other afterwards.

It support course
Last opportunity to join our IT
Support & Security course
It support course
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Why study at Migracode?


No participation costs, free laptop usage and open use of co-working spaces


Connecting you to companies, support with job search and help with job preparations


Become part of our community and get to know people from different backgrounds


Receive more than just education: psychosocial, legal and other forms of support

IT Support
& Security Course

For newcomers to technology and IT, without previous experience & knowledge

A course that will prepare you to work in basic to advanced tech support positions.

IT Automation with Python Course

For people with some coding experience, and eager to learn more

A course that will prepare you to work in advanced tech support positions or junior systems administrator positions.

Development Course

For those who have experience working with computers and preferably with coding

An advanced technical course where you will learn to become a junior web developer.

Google Professional Certificate Courses

For those interested in a more specialised field in tech

Intermediate to advanced courses in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Cybersecurity, and UX Design.

AWS re/Start Cloud Course

Designed for individuals with some IT and coding background

An advanced course where you will master Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud platform, and unlock the world of cloud computing.