Make sure to read the details below before applying. The application form can be found at the end of this page.

IMPORTANT: Read through this page completely before applying!

The requirements

You must either be a refugee or asylum seeker, OR a migrant from outside the EU not having the opportunities to find work, OR a migrant from outside the EU in a difficult/vulnerable living situation.

You must have previous experience working with or in IT, and preferably already have some basic coding knowledge and experience. If you do not have this, have a look at our lower entry level course over here.

For the English version of our course you must be able to read, speak and understand English. For the Spanish version of our course you need to be able to read, speak and understand Spanish, but also be able to read English, since our curriculum and instructions are always in English. (For the JUL2024 course there will only be an English Group)

You must have documentation to work in Spain OR have the possibility to acquire it within six months after starting the course. This is also in your best interest – without documentation we will not be able to support you in getting a job, unfortunately.

You live in Barcelona or close to Barcelona. This is necessary as we will switch back to in-person classes as soon as the Covid19 situation improves, and we also offer in-person one-to-ones if necessary.

The application process


Apply Online


Apply through our website via the button at the end of this page. In the form you have to include a motivation letter, where you have to explain the following:

  • Why you want to join MigraCode
  • A bit about your current situation
  • Your motivation to become a Web Developer

This part is already extremely important! Motivation is the strongest aspect of our course, as you will need to work a lot to complete our program. After sending the form, we will reply to you as soon as possible to inform you if you can continue with step 2.

Make sure to write a good letter with a minimum of 500 words. Find an example here.


Home Assignment

4h – 10h

Step 2 is the most difficult step and you will need to take your time for it. This step consists of two parts:


  • Follow the online HTML/CSS course here
  • Make sure to follow all the parts of the course – it will take you between two and five hours to complete it
  • It is recommended to create an account to easily save your progress


  • After finishing the HTML/CSS course, please use the skills from that course to build a small webpage through CodePen over here
  • Make sure to make an account to save your progress
  • The website can be about anything you want (your hobby, an animal, a country), but make sure to use both HTML and CSS and to use all the different things you have learned during the course (make different styling, insert images, create different elements, etc.)

Once you have made the webpage, please send us the direct link to your CodePen webpage. If you reach the required level, you can continue to the final step of the MigraCode application process. 


Final Interview

30m – 45m

The next part of the application process is to have a final interview with one of the members of our team. Don’t worry, it will be a relaxed interview just to get to know you better and to answer any questions you may have!

During this interview, you can be as open as you want and inform us about any doubts you may have.

If for some reason you are not selected, you can always apply again for the next course.


Onboarding session

1 hour

The final part of the application process is to come to our office in Barcelona to get to know us in-person and to receive a comprehensive introduction to MigraCode Barcelona.

You will get help installing the required software on your laptop, we will explain you the main tools that we use during the course and we explain other practical information about MigraCode.

Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for the course to start!

Our current applications


Application deadline:
June 2024*

Start date:
July 2024

Weekday class – ONLINE:
4hs on Tuesday evenings (18:00-22:00)

Weekend class – IN-PERSON:
4hs on Saturday afternoons (10:30-14:30)

Weekly homework:
up to 20 hours

Course duration:
8 months

Materials in English
Classes only in English

*Please note that the open spots may already be full by this date, so we recommend to apply as soon as possible.

Start your application

Click on the button below to open the application form. Make sure to fill it adequately. If the course is starting in a few months, you may be put on a waiting list first, but you can already start the application process.

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