Learn how to become a professional junior front-end web developer and web designer through the new course offered by Madrid for Refugees, a partner organization of MigraCode Barcelona. You don’t need a technical background – you just need a (super) high motivation to join. 

Course Content

The course will provide knowledge on: the use of terminals, HTML&CSS, Basic and Advanced Javascript, the use of Git, and the Framework: Vue.js. Madrid For Refugees will provide the material needed to accomplish the course, including a working laptop (if needed) that will be returned to the organization after the course.

The course will require attendance to two weekly classroom activities. Besides those classes, students will need to work daily on their homework.

Course details

Start date and duration:
Monday 21st of November 2022
The course will last
7 months.

Weekday class:
2 days (Mondays and Wednesdays) 2h/day
from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Hybrid, 50% online and 50% in Madrid for Refugees Office in Madrid

Materials and Classes in English

Application process

The Enrollment period for this edition of the course will be open starting on September 19th until November 11th. To successfully become a student of our Frontend Development course, you should complete these next steps:

1. Read this page entirely and the official course website by clicking on the link below, and in case of any questions, contact admissions@refugeescode.org

2. Write a motivation letter following the criteria described on the course website

3. Send your application through the application form 

4. Complete an assessment to gain basic notions of Frontend Development or to test your current knowledge if you already have experience.

5. Lastly, prepare for a final 15-minute interview with the Admissions team to discuss the last few details.


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