About Adaptive Financial Consulting

Adaptive was founded in 2012 when four industry experts recognised that real-time technology is fundamentally changing businesses within the financial, capital and commodities markets. These systems are complex and need the very best people and IP to successfully deliver them. Adaptive was intended to be the kind of company that the four founders would like to work for themselves; solve challenging business problems, using the latest technology, surrounded by smart colleagues, in an environment that’s professional, collaborative and non-hierarchical.

Corporate Social Responsibility by Adaptive

Adaptive is financially sponsoring 1 full course of Migracode Barcelona, allowing us to support 12 students from migrant communities finding a new opportunity in their lives

Adaptive is collaborating with us to organise various Meetups, allowing us to spread our objectives and promote an inclusive migrant-tech community

Adaptive is promoting volunteering opportunities for their employees who can get involved with Migracode in fundraising sport events, teaching programming classes and/or offering soft skills trainings

An amazing Meetup

Besides ongoing support from Adaptive and her employees, Adaptive and Migracode have already organised a very successful Meetup event as well, as you can see in the pictures above. It was a great gathering to promote social inclusion and diversity.

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