Thony Nava is a 28-years old-developer based in Barcelona. He describes himself as a “geek” because he has been extremely fascinated by coding since a very young age. At 14, he decided to take a Pascal programming language course during a summer break, and ever since, he has nurtured his coding skills.

The questions are then, why did he need MigraCode and why does he describe MigraCode as a game changer for his personal and professional life?

When motivation and luck meet at the right time

Thony’s interest in coding dates to when he was a young boy in Venezuela, when he dreamed of becoming a hacker or a developer after watching Tony Stark and Marvel movies.

Thony: “For me coding was an amazing instrument for creating something cool and in some way being an artist”

However, his path to coding has not been linear. He first gained experience managing social media for a small NGO, freelancing as a content creator, and launching his advertising agency. When he moved to Barcelona in 2019, he started working for GLOVO but still felt that his dream of becoming a developer was far away. Unexpectedly, through GLOVO Thony found his hook into the coding world, when MigraCode sent an invite for its course to all riders, right before the pandemic.

“Once I entered MigraCode, it was a game changer because I never joined a full program for coding. It helped me understand not just how to code but also the entire tech sector and how developers work”. 

During the program MigraCode students get in touch with experienced developers who follow their journey either as technical volunteers, who are the ones that teach the modules of the course, as their code buddies, or as employability coaches. Moreover, during the 8 months, students can participate in several networking events to get to know tech companies in Barcelona. 

For Thony, Migracode was not just a boot camp, but a great way to enter a community of support made by people who face the same challenges. Moreover, the fact that it is all built on volunteers’ work made a huge difference.

“The relationship you can create with your mentors was special because you know that when someone is there it’s not because they have to be there, but because they want to”.

In MigraCode he also learned how to build teams, focus on common objectives, and work on projects that can benefit others:

“I learned so much, not just from the student point of view, but from the point of view of someone that is thinking to create communities in the future, to help other people as well”.

Get the most out of your MigraCode journey

Thony graduated from the Full Stack Development Course of MigraCode Barcelona in February 2021. After a few months of working as a tech support specialist in different companies, he opened his agency to boost web3 projects in which he believes.

When we asked Thony about his recommendations for people who might want to apply for the Migracode bootcamp he answered us: 

“If you want to be a developer, the most important thing is to build your network. If you get into MigraCode you can see the program as a perfect opportunity for networking, because you are given the possibility of know many people who already work in the tech sector, and who are willing to support you. Every single mentor is like a door of opportunities.

If you are sure that you want to be a developer or tech-savvy, then do your homework and get your GitHub in order. If you want to be a developer, you have to do every single exercise and do them on time. But in general, it is important to understand the goals you are pursuing”.


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